Tuesday, December 26, 2006


*** Did any of you fabulously courteous people receive a ladle for Christmas? And if you did, do you have lots of other perfectly good ladles and really don't need it? If you fit that bill, I will trade you my worthless Christmas gifts for your worthless ladle.

*** My friend Suzi, my neighbor Matt (who has lived there for about 18 months but to whom I've never really talked but now he thinks my crib is teevee-watching central) and I are arguing about whether the guest star on Law and Order on right now this very minute is Jane Krakowski. I say yes, they say no. Billy Clyde loved her on Ally McBeal.

*** Has anyone seen The Good Shepherd?

*** Was I in a daze, or did the Houston Texans look really good last weekend. They blocked and tackled some. Progress.

*** Free media mavens are looking forward to a potential Speaker's Race. If I were in the Capitol Press Corps, I'd call Allan Ritter, Ken Paxton, Edmund Kuempel, Kevin Bailey, Warren Chisum and Craig Eiland. If they are still hitched, there won't be a Speaker's Race.

*** I'm gonna buy two pairs of tasseled loafers (one black, the other burgundy) tomorrow. If this is a mistake, please let me know.

*** I really want a dog. But in fairness to the dog, I need to wait until this summer. Something to look forward to.


Winston Smith said...

if you need a ladle, you clearly have a better social life than me. i eat my watery soup out of the pot i heat it in, usually with a greasy plastic spoon. and you got christmas gifts!
you are my hero Billy Clyde. Ladles i can find at any h.e.b., in the housewares section. however, it is hard to find a hero.

Anonymous said...

Shake here again, BC.

RE: that Speaker's race that you say doesn't exist.

If you can get a straight answer out of anyone on your list (with the possible exception of Ritter and Eiland), then I'd believe that Timothy Leary paid a surprise visit to a 1985 Students Association meeting and called for policies similar to those practiced at the Baby Doc School of Medicine.

It's close and is an R deal now.

Billy Clyde said...

Dear Shake:

Even though you are writing in code, let's be careful. Everything I did in 1985 you did, too. Sometimes with even more, uh, zest.

Remember how well MAD worked against the Soviet Union? Let's practice it here, shall we.

You won a single bet (about that big-tittied midget) and I congratulated you -- like a man should. But have you screwed any big-breasted dwarfs LATELY? I have.

Merry New Year,

Billy Clyde