Thursday, February 1, 2007


In an effort to give you kind souls a comprehensive review of this week's goings on at the Capitol, Billy Clyde is pleased to provide you with his Week In Review.

This is what happened:

Thank you for your continued interest.

UPDATE 1: No, there is not something I "missed" or "left out." The above is a total recapitulation of everything that went down this week.

UPDATE 2: Yes. If temperatures drop precipitously over the next day or so, then some more grackles WILL die on Congress Avenue this weekend. May I suggest purchasing store-bought grackles for your Super Bowl festivities -- just to be on the safe side.

UPDATE 3: Of course I realize that we are officially into Black History Month. The Honorable Joe Deshotel will be our focus this year. Believe me, you don't want to miss this. You will be BEGGING for less Joe Deshotel news by the time March 1 rolls around.

Two of BC's other African-American legislative heroes, Representative Harold Dutton and Senator Kenneth "Kim" Brimer, will also be featured. (SIDEBAR: BC violated his own No-Research Rule today and did a little checking. Although they look black, Senators John Carona, Royce West and Kip Averrit are all actually Lithuanians. Representative Will Hartnett, on the other hand, looks Lithuanian but is actually black. Billy Clyde is a honkey, but has always wanted to be black. Although lately he wishes he were a black Jew, like Sammy Davis, Jr.)

UPDATE 4: This is SCORCHING hot news. Not even the Associated Press or The Drudge Report has it yet!

BC's very dear judicial friend told him this evening that her very good judicial friend told her that his very, very, very good judicial friend said that outgoing White House Counsel Harriet Miers will NOT be running for Governor in 2010! Nor is she interested in any elected position at all.

She wants to be "of counsel" to a Washington or Dallas or Austin firm and oversee administrative law stuff. Which is better than being on the U.S. Supreme Court, but not as good as being an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University. Although the SMU deal could conceivably still happen.

UPDATE 5: Let's put this foul-smelling rumor to rest. No. Billy Clyde has ZERO interest in Katie Couric's job. It hasn't been offered, and I wouldn't accept. So please stop the gossip.


winston smith said...

Cute, but you forgot about putting up the signs to prove we love god (AKA Big Daddy, Big Brother & The Spook).

Anonymous said...

i think BC will tell you, there is only one Big Daddy that ever made a difference in the texas legislature

Billy Clyde said...

To All:

I pledge allegiance, to Big Daddy, of the United States of Big Daddiness. And to Big Daddy, for which it stands, one Big Daddy, indivisable, with Big Daddy and justice for all.

Let's eat.