Monday, January 1, 2007


Billy Clyde has a giant warm place in his giant heart for the man who served as the Congressman for Walker County's Municipal Utility District Number 2, where I spent my formative years.

Some thoughts about The Liberal From Lufkin:

1) Charlie Wilson is the most important person of our lifetime. 2) Communism sucks so CW stopped it. 3) Tom Hanks will never portray Charlie Wilson properly, but damn I can't wait for the movie. 4) People from East Texas (like me and CW) are just better than the idiots from New York or Dallas or Tehran. 5) The Pine Blogger (the jewel of Angelina County) grants us -- free of charge -- the absolute best Christmas/Kwanzaa/New Year's gift we could ever ask for.

It's here at

My further comments would serve no real purpose. Just read and enjoy.

UPDATE: If Charlie Wilson watched tonight's Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, he would probably agree with me that the Boise State-Oklahoma contest was the best college football game since last year's Rose Bowl, which gave a certain Travis County land grant university a National Championship.


The Other Guy said...

I agree with everything you just wrote. Charlie Wilson is a great American.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Wilson is the sort of character you just don't see anymore. A Democrat with nuts.