Wednesday, January 17, 2007


While my selfish ass worries about things like food, I was unaware of some of the secondary and tertiary results of this mildly cool weather.
Check out this gem, from our AP friends:
"In the Rio Grande Valley, the weather was dangerous for illegal immigrants trying to cross the border, where the temperature has dropped 40 degrees since Sunday. The U.S. Border Patrol reported rescuing 15 illegal immigrants, including a woman who was airlifted Monday from a Falfurrias-area ranch to a Corpus Christi hospital."
Friends of Billy Clyde know I heart Mexicans. And that I hate Canadians and the Irish. But with this anti-Mexican sentiment in the air, perhaps we should not advertise the fact that the weather is bothering our southern brothers and sisters. Just gives an opening for the Tom Cancredos and similar know-nothings.
Peace out.


texxasredd said...

Rats! Seeing as Ahnold has declared all California oranges froze to death right on their trees, I was counting on some fresh squeezed juice from Mexican-grown oranges to mix with my tequilla....

Ignatius said...

This was a perfect opportunity for you to mention the corn tortilla crisis in Meheeko:

Ahh, screw 'em. I use flour. Even in enchiladas.

dreamer said...

With all due respect, using flour tortillas in enchiladas is just wrong. You might as well put beans in the chili.

Billy Clyde said...

Texas Redd:

Try the clementines. They are delicious.


Keep the tortilla info coming.


If you put beans in chili, then it's no longer chili.

Don't Mess w/ Pink said...

You can't hate the Irish. I'm Irish.

Billy Clyde said...

Dear DMw/P:

You know I make an exception for gun-toting Astro-loving county government chicks. I thought I had made that clear.