Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I read Texas Monthly's Mimi Schwartz' profile of incoming Senator Dan Patrick earlier today. I generally dig everything she writes, and, like everyone else who works around the Capitol, am intrigued about All Things Dan.

Two thoughts (my daily limit) popped into my noggin after reading the article: (1) didn't I propose to write this piece to TM about six months ago?; and (2) why do people feel the need to put the man on a couch and give him the Bob Newhart treatment?

The article could have been titled "What Makes Him Tick And Is It All Schtick."

I can't recall anyone wondering if Kevin Eltife had mommy issues, or if Eddie Lucio faces inner demons that affect his putting. Why don't we let the fellow get sworn in and see what happens. And lay off the head-shrinking stuff. Enough already.


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