Wednesday, December 20, 2006


A person I don't know wrote at another (lesser) site today that I should start my own blog. I tried starting a web page ( during the 2005 Christmas holiday season and it, I must acknowledge, sucked hind tit. After careful reflection, it seems that the root of that failure stemmed from the fact that I have no earthly idea how to create a web page -- something that proved to be a real hindrance to the page's success.
Anyway, a buddy of mine who is a distinguished member of the Texas House of Representatives started a blog using this free service and insisted that it was real easy. He can barely tie his shoes, much less perform complicated computer tasks like those regularly employed by 8-year-old kids. So if HE could do it, I figured even I could as well. Also, because he was the first legislator to launch a blog, people think he's real techno savvy and hip and with it and groovy and college girls throw their damp panties at him when he's laying out a bill in committee. I yearn for that kind of public adoration, so here I am.
BILLY CLYDE'S POLITICAL HOT TUB PARTY aims to bring you, friends and neighbors, a smorgasbord of political potpourri. Here you will find in-depth insight into the major issues facing modern society. Candid interviews with those who shape the policy and political landscape. And biting criticism and commentary on the conundrums that confront our elected officials. Plus maybe some porn. Who knows?
Assuming this service allows for reader comments, I look forward to many reader comments. It takes the views of a wide swath of the social and political spectrum to produce an accurate rendition of our great societal mosaic. Plus, it will give me a clue as to whether anyone ever reads my drivel.
So let the games begin, my friends. And in the unlikely event I have worked this deal properly, I shall begin posting stream-of-consciousness brilliance full of mixed metaphors and illogical conclusions immediately or tomorrow or maybe the next day. Thanks dudes.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! You took the hint!

I look forward to reading what you write.