Thursday, March 1, 2007


As a country conservative right-winger, I should probably just shut up. But Representative John Smithee is a country conservative and he has good sense, so I'm following his lead.

Chairman Smithee got on the mic yesterday and said, basically, let's think about this. That's considered wild in the modern legislating community.

The heart of this House debate was about Representative Debbie Riddle's bill about getting tough on child molesters. I am for this bill and hate child molesters. Glad to get that policy statement off my chest.

Representative Smithee had the nuts (some people call it "guts") to stand up and say that the House was considering a rather imperfect bill. Different people have different ideas. But I know that when John Smithee stands up and says something, it matters. Mainly because he's the smartest member of the House and uses the front mic judiciously and knows what he's talking about and is universally thought of as an honest broker. As far as I know, Chairman Smithee is also kind to his wife and kids and pets.

Anyway, he gave a speech yesterday that basically shut down the House. Not because he philosophically disagreed; because he actually read it the bill.

No longer will I support the death penalty. In any shape or form. Because is scares me.

What if I'm wrong?

If I change my left rear tire when I shoulda changed my left front tire, that presents a problem. If I sanction the legal killing of a person who or may not be guilty, well ... that can weigh on you.

My high school friend Misty moved to Austin and got killed. I went to court and testified during the punishment phase that the no-good rapist murdering bastard should die -- and die now. The state eventually killed him and I'm glad. But no mas.

It's not than I'm anti-capital punishment. It's just that someone higher up the food chain -- say, God -- oughta make those decisions.


Miss M said...

I'm in total agreement with you, and came to the same opinion about capital punishment while still holding onto most of my "right-wing" tendencies. I'm a Reagan conservative who believes that government will always tend to get things bigger, more complicated, and more wrong. I believe students and prisoners are easy game for political posturing-- and no one ever catches hell for being wrong about things. I'm glad Smithee acknowledged he lays awake at night over his votes. It reminds me that there *are* good people in the House. Not sure about the Senate. (j/k)

dreamer said...

Bless your heart, Billy Clyde. That's a brave stand for a country conservative right-winger to take. My Panhandle kinfolk forgive me my liberal views on lots of things, but they have a hard time with with my death penalty stance. You're right; it shouldn't be up to us flawed creatures to make that decision.

Winston Smith said...

changing my mind about the death penalty was most difficult. I now know time can change people, redemption is possible, and everyone (including me) can make a mistake. I was wrong to favor capital punishment. I was able to correct myself. Nothing can correct death. Keep it real BC

Anonymous said...

BC where are you. The Gov is covering up sex for drugs in TYC and the Senate is putting The Gov and Rick "the King" Williamson in his place and the House passed an unconstitional Jessiaca law and we have not heard your wisdom on these isssues. What fertile ground for a genius like you.

IJ Reilly said...

Where have you gone, Billy Clyde?

I need my daily dose.

On the topic of this post, I've never lost much sleep over the death penalty. However, it is worth having an adult discussion about whether an 18-yearold diddling a 16-yearold really deserves the gurney.

Riddley probably wasn't the best choice for carrying this one.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother! My compassionate conservatism has finally rubbed off on you after all these years! Life is life. jw