Friday, February 23, 2007


One of my oldest friends allegedly coaches football, girls golf, and teaches a history class. That means he stays on the Internet all day on the Tomball ISD dime's and sends me stuff. Including Austin newscast segments.

Billy Clyde doesn't watch the local news -- except during serious weather calamities -- but has a sneaking suspicion that this is Sweeps Week. The local NBC affiliate produced a story a few days ago about "Friends With Benefits." It seems this is what they call buck fruddies these days.

The story is awful. But in a period in which Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith and Rick Perry are considered legitimate news, then I guess anything goes. Governor Perry actually came out for curing cancer, and it resulted in some hard-right social conservative testifying before Chairman Dianne White Delisi's committee about the evils of "teenage sluts." Huh?

BC must have entered the wrong concourse last week. He was booked on a return flight to Planet Earth.

I can recall sexual innuendo in committee hearings before. Don't specifically remember which chairman (I think it was Bob McFarland) who scheduled the homo bill on the same day as the cock fighting legislation. But that was the sorta deal that required you to look at the posting and get the inside joke. Teenage slut testimony would have been WAY out of bounds.

If you think I'm heading somewhere here -- you know, like getting to a point -- well, you would be sadly mistaken. Just wanted my fellow Texans to know that you can air "serious" stories about buck fuddies on prime time news shows and show up at committee hearings and drone on about teenage sluts and, best I can tell, no when even notices.

Now that I'm at a total dead end, I guess BC owes his special friend, who shall remain nameless (Machree) an update on the week's activities so she can cut and paste it and send it out and beat the Friday afternoon traffic. So here it goes.

According to our local paper of record, the Lieutenant Governor held a news conference yesterday to say that the Senate was not only breaking a sweat, but was in constant need of iced towels. I really appreciate Governor Dewhurst for clearing that up, because it shot down my conspiracy theory that one Senator (Averitt) and one Senate employee (KCD) were basically running the show for their own amusement. Senator Brimer seems to be working on some stuff, too.

Billy Clyde posted on the subject a few days ago and remains stumped. Surely a large contingency of House members wouldn't be stirring things up simply to upset the applecart. Who would voluntarily enter public service with little pay and no glory just to screw up the process? No one I know.

That takes care of Hot Tub news for the week. Y'all come back now. Hear?

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