Saturday, December 30, 2006


I talked to three of the four living ex-Speakers today and I must conclude that they are really old. (I hooked up with Rayford Price a few times, but he couldn't work his cell phone.)

Billy Wayne Clayton, Gibson D. Lewis and James E. Laney are all wonderful people. At this time of the year, it's proper to reflect that these wise men have given me so much, and Billy Clyde is grateful. I have rarely asked for stuff from these titans except for maybe the placement of a favored piece of legislation on the front page of the General State Calendar.

I also conversed with several of the Speaker "candidates," and they all were singing from the same songbook. They called me Tom Craddick's "butt boy." Not sure what that means, but my sister tells me that East Texas homophobic rednecks like me should not wear it as a badge of honor. Whatever.

BC likes our former Speakers because they have real common-sense wisdom. Just intuitive stuff, if you ask me.

So I guess the question boils down to this: Should I go to Bandera tomorrow for the New Year's holiday? Or do I really have a choice? And do any of you want to join us?


texxasredd said...

OMG. When Jim Pitts calls you "butt boy", you better be afraid. Very afraid. LMAO

Anonymous said...

OK, Billy, who writes stuff like this on a blog, and still has to deal with all of this? Are you wealthier than William Clayton, or just don't give shit?

And texxasredd is right, butt boy isn't a compliment. It's the catcher in the battery, if you know what I mean.

Billy Clyde said...

Dear Anonymous:



PS: Please leave TexxasRedd out of this.

Waxahachie Prom Queen said...

Oh you and Doyle Willis.