Friday, December 29, 2006


Got me an invite this morning for a freshman House member brunch on the day before opening day of what will be Texas' 80th Legislative Session. This is a good thing (not the session, the brunch) because I wouldn't recognize Tan Parker, Ellen Cohen or Brandon Creighton if they broke into my home and slapped me silly.
Billy Clyde used to make fun of supposed lobbyists who didn't know new members. But in hindsight, that lack of awareness is perfectly understandable. I mean, trying to get to know 20 to 30 new people every other year is rather laborious. Who am I, Superman?
In the extremely unlikely event that any of these generous public servants ask my take on being a successful freshman, I will offer my tried and true advice: take care of your one or two local issues, kiss your committee chairmen's backside, and maybe participate in a floor debate that stems from work produced by one of your committees. And send flags -- flags that were "flown" over the Capitol -- to people. Lots of people. You simply cannot send out too many flags.

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