Thursday, December 21, 2006


Best Billy Clyde can tell, Governor Rick Perry has lost interest in being Vice President.

The Governor on Wednesday outright pardoned -- just set free and erased the whole darn conviction -- of Billy Wayne Miller, found guilty of a brutal rape and murder in 1984. By the way, that is Billy Wayne Miller -- not former Speaker Billy Wayne Clayton, a fine man who was cleared in his federal bribery case.

I can't explain what the Governor was thinking, so I'll relay to you a quote provided by the really decent men and women over at the Associated Press:

"I believe that a full pardon for innocence must be supported by strong evidence, such as forensic DNA tests," says our ACLU-loving leader. "In this case, Mr. Miller is innocent. The recommendation of the district attorney, district judge, sheriff, police chief, and the Board of Pardons and Paroles also were important factors in my decision."

Gag. He set a convicted rapist/murderer loose on the street because a few two-bit politicians and bureaucrats say the dude didn't do the crime. Well, let me ask you this, Mr. Governor: If he's so damn innocent, why was he arrested, indicted, tried and convicted? Huh?

Billy Clyde don't got a dog in this specific fight, but it moves us ever closer to what is quickly becoming a political reality: Texas will not have a favorite son or daughter on the national ticket two years hence, and that shit just ain't right. As we approach God's son and our savior's birthday, let's all mention to Him that Kay Bailey Hutchison deserves her day in the sun, despite the fact that she married Ray Hutchison.

This whole deal is just so damn sad.

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